bonlexis: The translator network for quality-conscious professionals

bonlexis is a dynamic translator network with a central project management office in 48151 Münster, Westphalia, Germany, and with specialist translators who live all over the world.

Founder Lilia Vinnikova, its superb specialist translators from all time zones in the world, the company's efficient project and quality management team, and the latest technology – bonlexis has turned these elements into a prestigious, much sought-after service provider within a short space of time.

Most importantly, at bonlexis every translation is placed in the hands of a certified translator who has many years of experience specialising in the respective field. bonlexis translations are always impressive texts due to the highest possible degree of professional quality and agility as the (native-speaker) translators translate exclusively from their particular working language into their native language. They also mainly work in the appropriate national, cultural and technical context.

Above all, since bonlexis works with translators from all time zones, the company also has the reputation of maximum punctuality: by the exact agreed time, anywhere in the world.

Lilia Vinnikova: "Translating means putting ideas across."

I am always being asked what fascinates me most about my work as a translator and head of the global bonlexis network. The answer is simple: Above all, I am fascinated by the fact that through our translations, we can make many people understand something that they would probably never understand without us.

In a slightly different sense, understanding is also the working basis of our entire network.

This is because global co-operation as we practise it can only succeed in the long term if all members live in an understanding – in other words, a fair and family-friendly – community in which everybody can fully rely on the commitment and loyalty of others at all times.

I am also fascinated by the fact that I have an in-depth knowledge of the translation profession from my own experience, and that I can also commission the translators and proofreaders working in our network myself. As such, my personal experience means that I am very familiar with the position of both the contractors and the customers.


  • University of Cologne: Master degree (Slavic studies (Russian), Romance Studies (Italian), South Slavic Studies (Serbian, Croatian)) with a focus on translation studies.
  • External academic examination "German Legal Terminology – Court and Public Authorities Terminology" at Nürtingen-Geislingen University.
  • General administration of oath as an interpreter for Russian (Higher Regional Court Hamm); licensed as a translator for Russian.
  • SDL Trados certification
  • Numerous seminars, webinars and workshops in the field of translation, translation quality and translation management.